38 days. What?

Hello! It is true… I only have 38 days left in Australia. How did this happen? I can remember being a little homesick puppy when I had 132 days left in Australia. How that feels has flipped. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like when I get back to the States all what I will want to do is come back to Australia.

Having such a small amount of time left is beginning to stress me out. I’ll be entering into my FINAL semester at Baldwin Wallace University and then after that **I can’t believe I’m saying this** I’ll graduate from college. Okay, I’m not going to think past graduating. Not yet.

So, you are all probably dying to know about my life lately, right? Oh, you’re not.. Well, I will fill you in anyways. A lot has changed. I run every day. I mentioned wanting to run the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon in one of my first blogs and it is still a goal. In order to reach this goal I run at least one mile a day. The past three days have been three mile runs. It is so cool– the past two days on my runs, this little white dog will run beside me… That is until someone faster runs past me, then he just abandons me. I think he is telling me I’m slow in an adorable “I’m a five pound dog and I can out run you” kind of way.

I like change. Recently, I decided to become a vegetarian. Why? Well, I don’t really know. It is my attempt to acknowledge my body. For the past 10 years of my life I have been brutal to my body. I used to be an avid drive-thru participant. It is a terrible habit to get into. I discovered that I like cooking. And cooking for myself is SO much cheaper than eating out four times a week.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention! It is my favorite time of the year… It is time to start applying to internships. This year I’ve been extremely prepared. I created an excel sheet of different companies that I am interested in working for in the Cleveland area. I’ve been applying to different positions on a daily basis– still no luck, but I’m staying positive. I’ve always found that finding the right opportunity to be difficult, but researching internships and companies seems to be more difficult while studying abroad.

Ahh, I cannot wait for my visit to SYDNEY! That trip begins in EIGHT days!!! Then a week after that, I will more than likely be in NEW ZEALAND. Shut up. It is true. I promise. Well, New Zealand still needs to be planned, but Sydney is for sure.

I’ve decided that I have missed WAY too many photo opportunities with kangaroos, so I am pledging to all of my followers to take more pictures of these animals playing around on campus.

Happy days to you and thanks for reading!


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One thought on “38 days. What?

  1. Hi – just a few things: 1. a vegetarian???? come on Patrick; but I guess if you want to try it I’ll allow it for now we can discuss it when I see you. 2. Internships huh………….I know you’ll get something you like stay diligent and it’ll happen! 3. Have a great time in Sydney – I hear its a great city. 4. Yes you’ve gotten a little lax on the pictures – I love them so get to it!!
    Love you! YOLO!!!

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